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Default Re: NEW Heritage Challenges

I have been digiscrapping for over 6 years now. I started when we were planning a family reunion for decendants of my maternal great grandparents. I created a 75 page album with photos and family tree charts for this reunion. I am still in love with heritage scrapbooking.
I have an older version of Family Tree Maker, a free version of Legacy, and the trial version of Roots Magic which will import my old Family Tree maker files.

I have created a Lifebook of my life story to leave for my children and grandchildren. I have also created a Lifebook on the lives of my parents, and am now working on the Lifebook of my husband's parents.
I agree, get started now, and ask as many questions as you can. It is never to soon to collect the stories. Many years ago, my brother bought a book with fill in pages called "A Grandma Remembers" for my mother for Christmas and asked her to fill it in for him. There were many sections including How I met my husband, what I remember about my father/mother, where I was born, my early childhood, etc.
These memories are valuable information for the rest of us to share now that she has passed away.

Challenges could include:
creating a family tree chart
the year I was born
early childhood
teen years
schools I attended
my parents or my father, my mother
great grandparents, etc
extended family memories
family vacations
holiday memories
first home
retirement years
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