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Default Re: July 2011 ATC Challenge {2} : Metals

Someone said they were having trouble uploading their card to swap.

Here are the steps I used to post my cards.

1. At the bottom of the thread, click the Post Reply button. When the window opens , type your message.

2. Look down at the Additional Options and click on Manage Attachments.

3. A window pops up. Click on a browse button. Use the new window to navigate to the saved, full size card where ever you saved it on your computer. It should be a jpeg or other usable file type. dThese file types are listed on that window. Select the card, not the file.

4. The file name will show up in the empty space next to the browse button. So, now click the upload button. The window should say "uploading files" somewhere. It takes a couple of minutes, but under the blank spaces where it says "upload file from URL" it will change to current attachments and it will list the file.

5. Now go to the bottum and click the close button. You will be back at the Post Reply page. Be sure there is some kind of a message on it. Click Submit. It should be there.

When you want to download one just click it and a larger window opens up of the card. Right click the card and save it to your computer. I have found that if you use Windows to print it you may have a cropped version. I have better luck printing it by opening it in PSP, PS, or what ever program you use and printing from there.

Hope this helps.