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From the Piggy Re: Next Designer Contest: September 2011

Hi Rose,

I love your questions as always.
  1. I'm looking at completely eliminating membership votes (input welcome). Last year it was membership votes until the final, fourth, round. The final round was voted on by theStudio Admin & Design team privately.
  2. You need keep your free kits only until voting (each round) is completed. Until the 1st of October is encouraged.
  3. Our contract is simple. No set-up fees, 75% monthly commission, 6 mega kit contributions per year (2-3 papers, 5-8 elements), a minimum of 2 new products per month. That's it.
Of course, the contract itself is a little more wordy than that

Originally Posted by ladyofthethorns View Post
  1. Can you remind me (us) about the how the process of elimination works (membership votes versus theStudio admin votes)?
  2. How long do we need to keep our submissions available for free?
  3. For those of us hoping (longing )to win a designer contract here at the studio, where can we find more details on what that means (just the basics would be fine, such as designer requirements and time commitments)?

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