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Default Re: Next Designer Contest: September 2011

Originally Posted by Ambowife Designs View Post
Great to see some familiar faces in here already (waving)

This has got to be the highlight of the year at the Studio, we look forward to it every year and it's a really great way to learn more techniques and tips from the designers at the studio as well as eachother. There is always a forum just for the contestants so that you gals can bite your nails and brainstorm or whatever in your own special place. And for those who didn't know, our fearless leader Toiny was a winner in this contest way back when. and many of us made our start at designing entering these kinds of competitions, it's a really worthwhile experience.
Good luck to all who enter and come on over and give it a go if you are still thinking about it, it's totally worth it and you'll have a blast.
Thanks Tracy.
I am learning and would love to be a designer one day so I will be watching here for more info and hopefully join in
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