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Default Re: Next Designer Contest: September 2011

Hi ladies!! {waves}

Rose, I agree. The Membership Vote is tough... most members here do actually vote for their favorite designs, but because it is a public vote, the contestants do have that option of soliciting votes from others, who are not regular members here... so, yes, it can be beneficial to have a vote, to see what potential customers are looking for, but, again, it can also be very misleading! Not to mention the complaints or accusations of "cheating" - we do not tolerate any kind of cheating during the competition, Toiny tries her hardest to make this contest as fair as possible, to give everyone an equal shot. So, by eliminating the membership vote, or reducing it's impact on the final results, we're hoping for a more enjoyable and relaxed competition w/ minimal conflicts & accusations We just want you guys to come in here, have loads of fun creating & hanging out with us, and maybe walk away with a prize or two!
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