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Originally Posted by glonet View Post
How do you include a preview of your LO in this thread? I tried something I used elsewhere - but doesn't work here.
This is easy. But, there are several steps. First you post your LO in the gallery. Go to the top of your screen and right click the page address and copy the whole address. It is the one that starts with http:// and is at the very top. Now go back to the forum and find the end of the thread. Click on the "Post Reply" button. When the window comes up, right click and paste. Add anything you want to say. Then click on Submit Reply at the bottom. Now you have the link to the page in the gallery where your LO is. Click on that link it will take you right to your page in the gallery. Look under your LO and find the "Direct Link" and click and drag to highlight that whole address. It will not all show, so drag until you get it all. Now right click on the highlighted area and copy. Go back to the page in the forum and find your reply. Click on edit, then on "go advanced" to get to a new window. You must be in the advanced edit for it to work. Scroll down to where you want your LO to show up and click. Look up to the line that starts with B I U and find the icon that looks like a yellow post card with a mountain on it. Click on this. A small window opens with a place for an address. Right click inside the highlighted area. Be sure it is in that area or you will not get the whole thing in. Now paste and then save your edit at the bottom of the edit area. You should have your LO show up.
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