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Default Re: August 2011 Recipe Card Challenge

It's so funny when I look at how small the first starter kits were for this challenge and how they've grown. Even when they were small, the cards were terrific. These days, I always want to add "just one more thing" -- which quickly becomes several! I watch what is used each month to see what seems to be used vs. what never/rarely is, and I use that information for the next month's contents. My goal really is to make these a bit smaller again and really focus in on what you want/need.

What's my point? I'd love to hear your constructive feedback (here or a separate e-mail message) on what you like, don't care for, wish I'd include, etc. This month, I added some lightly patterned papers to give an "in-between" the solids and regular patterned papers, and it looks like several people are using those, so I'll probably include them in some/all future kits. Would you rather have those or fully-patterned papers? Your feedback on the starter kits is always welcome...
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