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From the Piggy Re: Next Designer Contest: September 2011

What Kim said, LOL. There is no one rubric. Each challenge comes with it's own guidelines, posted on the first day of each challenge. Our voting will be based on that, as well as personal preference. Part of judging does come down to personal taste. Luckily we have a wide range of Designers, and Admin, at theStudio. There are many different styles and personal preferences.

I don't think, now I may be biased, it will be a popularity contest. However, of course, personality will be factored in. The winner will be our co-worker, hopefully for years to come!

Originally Posted by redplaid3 View Post
I don't think popularity should be the deciding factor either. However, I think the standards should be clear beforehand because I often have wondered in other contests what the judges were looking for. Is there a rubric for voting or is it just a popularity contest between the judges. Just curious....

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