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Default Re: Next Designer Contest: September 2011

Originally Posted by tanteva View Post
Since I wasn't here last year I have a few newbie questions

1. Are we allowed to use CU products or have every element have to be made by ourself?
2. How does the challenges work? Do we get a theme? Or a color swatch? Or? (guessing here it will be both at different times since it's 4 rounds.)
3. Will we be anonymous? (I mean like everyone get a "secret name" or code or something?
Hello and welcome!

I'm not the "official" word, but I'll try my best to answer questions

- yes, you will be allowed to use CU for some of the rounds
- yes, that's exactly how it works - Toiny will give you all the information you need to complete the rounds, most rounds include a swatch (or at least one you have to come up with yourself) themes & general rules & restrictions, she's very straight-forward with the guidelines for each round, and you will have plenty of time and opportunities to ask questions during the week
- I don't believe it will be anonymous, but don't quote me on that, Toiny may have something up her sleeve before the contest starts on Sept. 1
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