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Default Re: Next Designer Contest: September 2011

Originally Posted by kimberkatt View Post
LOL Liz!! Nice to see you back!! I don't know if there will be secret identities this time, we're looking into removing the member vote or lessening it's impact on final results! But... uh... feel free to wear the mask and high heels anyway

Or, we could go back to a couple years ago and I can issue you all your own pair of undies again!

actually that would be heaps of fun..i would love a pair of y-fronts please..the daggie ones but with something witty and funny written on the waist band...a funny thing about them is that you can actually make them into a bra somehow....hmmm saw that some time back in an email....

yes i sooooooo do not like the popularity contests..they are way too much hard work...yes i know we have to advertise and get our names out there...but that can and does come later...contests should be for fun too as well as the serious side..the incognito part of last year was sooooooooo much fun..although if you ask me there was some really suspicious characters getting about...hmmm might have to add fish nets to those heels me thinks...and besides why not let the store designers and admin have the vote?....

oh also i love that we get to learn heaps and meet some amazing people...even if we are all struck with temporary dementia and do not know who each other are???...LOL..LOL...LOL...for me i just love the challenge and in the end i have some great friends..some potential new customers and some fantastic new kits for my for me it is a win win situation despite the wonderful prizes on offer..nah i don't even contemplate winning anything...if i improve and learn that is all i want!!...Cheers Liz
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