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Default Re: The Choice: Ruby Lane Designs

Originally Posted by rubylane View Post
Well I sat here for quite sometime hoping maybe this forum would choose for me as this was a very hard decision!

I have personally created with Boo before and our shabby sides married beautifully. I have also created with Sherah, and had such a fun time. They are both so very creative and talented.

SO... with that said I did choose Angel. I chose Angel because our styles appear to be very different and that would make for an interesting challenge as we each interpret our assignment in our unique way. I also chose Angel because the 2nd paragraph of her bio felt like she was describing me!

Boo and Sherah, I love you both and we should create together again someday soon. But alas I must say...

Angel - it's on! LOL

Challenge accepted, Amber! And thanks for selecting me - I'm SO looking forward to it!!!

It sounds like we have a lot in common, too. Can't wait to see your interpretation and get to know you better, Amber!

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