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Default Re: The Challenge: Ruby Lane Designs

LOL Ladies, well I had 1 paper done yesterday then I got a phone call. My mother took my daughter to my mother's friends home for a hair trim before school starts. When finished my mom's friend asked my daughter to stand so she could check her hair for evenness (word?)... at about the 2 minute mark, my daughter went out cold, hit her head on the counter and a face plant to the floor! SO.. instead of spending my first night creating, I spent it in the ER until after 1 am to make sure it was not anything serious. Thank God they determined it must have been some dehydration (thought I don't see how, she wasn't even outside yesterday) and she stood up quickly and her blood pressure caused her to faint! Tonight was school open house so as of right now.. I am at 1 paper and 3 hand drawn ellies... I am thinking it will be more of how I use to do in high school... burn the midnight oil right before my assignment is due! LOL

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