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Default Help?

Okay, no excuses here and let me just apologize now to all the generous and talented designers out there who have contributed to my addiction. I have not been posting the credits for those designers whose supplies I have been using in my layouts. First of all, allow me to apologize to all of them now....I am SO SO SORRY for not giving credit to your wonderful talent and designs that I have been using for my layouts. When I first started doing this digital scrapbooking, I would download and dump the stuff into one folder. At some point I realized I needed to be posting the designer's supplies that I had utilized in the layouts, along with the fonts and any other medium I use. Well that was a big wake up call....and I didn't know how to fix that...and quite honestly I'm still a little overwhelmed with the job at hand. Alot of the designers will have their name in the files....but alot do not. Some of these are listed in my folders as "paper1" etc. I have almost 300 layouts now on this site....I know I know....beat me now.
So...I am now asking for all of your help. If there is a paper or embellishement, word art or any other item I use in my pages that you either recognize as your own, or know where they come from, I would GREATLY appreciate any help in trying to now correct my major faux pas!
If you could send me a message, leave a comment, write me, email me, phone me, hunt me down, sky write smoke signal....anything that can help me to give credit to all the wonderful designers that have been responsible for my layouts, it would really help me fix my stupid mistake. I will of course, be searching the internet, reseraching the sites I have visited, and just plain looking to make sure I can not only find these designers, but also to label my supplies so that I can in the future not have to do this again. Good lord, you would think at my age I would've learned my mistakes sooner. And a big thank you to Lori for pointing out my rudeness in not giving credit where credit is definitely and most appreciatively due.

For now I can simply apologize again to you all. And off the top of my head thank personally:

Stone Accents
CanDesigns (is that right?)
Ana Machado
Creative Victorian
JanniScrap Designs
MMD Creations
NBK scrap
Passions Creation Fraisinette
And let's not forget who got me into this....Jeanne56( sister, who has finally started designing her own things.
The list goes on....

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoy your talents and the designs you create for this wonderful creative outlet you've given me and all the other digiscrappers out there!!!

Big kisses and hugs to ALL of you
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