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Default Re: Sad, sad, sad.....:(

Thank you ladies, it is appreciated!

I knew it was inevitable, all 4 of the strays were only about 2 years old when we started feeding them and letting them sleep on the porch during the winter, we even have a litter box for them outside We could never bring them in, because they were feral and wouldn't let anyone touch them, but we still loved them! It's been about 8 or 9 years now, so I knew they were getting older and would probably go around the same time, but I just wasn't expecting the Cancer thing! Now they're saying that the other two need to be caught and tested, because they were all from the same litter, they probably all have cancer! So sad!

Our Fonzie was the real shocker! my husband and I got Fonzie when he was just a kitten, only 5 weeks old, he was a barn cat. We had him with us for the first 3 years, then we had to move and we couldn't take him with us. So, hubby's grandmother took him in, which is saying something because Fonz wasn't real lovable! lol The vet believes he may have been younger than the 5 weeks and taken away from Mom too early, because he attached himself to me as "mom" and would try to suckle and knead on my shirt when I held him... anyway, he was a grouch and would bite and scratch if you tried to touch him when he didn't want you to, everything had to be on Fonzie's terms! lol I still love him though, he was the most gentle with me and I believe he was very upset with me for sending him to Gram's to live, even though I visited him everyday! Then we moved into the house next door, so I was over there constantly and he warmed up to me again. It was just so sudden, and the decision had to be made immediately because he was dying, so that was the toughest choice I ever had to make!

anywho, thanks for letting me spill my thoughts, it's nice to get it out, makes me feel a lot better!
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