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Default Re: Sad, sad, sad.....:(

Cats have heart attacks? How can you tell? I am treading the day my furr baby goes on to heaven to wait for me (yes that's right...there is a heaven and our fur babies go there to wait to be reunited with us and no one better say any different or the bubble I live in will burst.). I'm telling ya it isn't going to be pretty! I start crying just thinking about that day the saddest day of my life. I live with chronic pain and my buddy lays next to me all day and night when I am hurting. When the pain gets to high and I have an IBS attack, he sits outside the closed bathroom door the whole time and he walks out with me back to bed. When he hears me cry from any where in the house, he finds me and stays close to me until I stop. If I have an argument or yell, he finds me and sits at my feet until it's over. When I take a shower, he comes in the bathroom and sleeps on the mat by the tub until I'm done. I have had him since he was 6-7 weeks old. He was the runt of the litter born not moving or breathing,who nneeded mouth to mouth to come alive. Now he hovers between 15-18lbs and he's a bigg shaggy Maine Coon who towers over every other kitty. His paws are 2+in wide. he is the most gentle soul. I know the Lord sent him just for me as my furry companion through the trials of my life.
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