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Default Birthday Bash BINGO!!! Master List SIGN-UPS!!

~ I will be back in a little bit with the Master List... stay tuned! ~

you will have until Sunday, Sept 4th-early Monday, Sept 5th to get your list to me as your official "sign-up"

The game will begin on Monday, Sept 5th!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

Okay, here we go! Everyone ready? I'm super excited to be hosting our Birthday Bash Bingo this year! Not only is it going to be fun, but we have a fantastic sponsor!! MarieH Designs has generously offered up her Flutters My Eyes At You as the grand prize for the winner!! And, everyone who participates will receive a $2 coupon, good towards anything in Marie's PU store! Woohoo!

  • Please choose 30 words from the list below
  • PM (private message) me your list before we start the game on Monday, Sept. 5th
  • I will post or "call" 2-3 words here in the forum on or around 2pm EST every day
  • If your word(s) is called, cross it off your list!
  • Whoever crosses off all words on their list AND calls BINGO here in the forum FIRST is the winner of the game!
  • Winner will receive a beautiful kit from MarieH Designs called Flutters My Eyes at You
  • Everyone who participates will receive a $2 coupon towards any product in MarieH Designs PU Store!
  • Let's have some Bingo fun!!
MASTER LIST: (please choose 30 words)

  1. Balloons
  2. Cake
  3. Presents
  4. Party Favors
  5. Invitations
  6. Pizza
  7. Cookies
  8. Cards
  9. RSVP
  10. Toys
  11. Champagne
  12. Celebration
  13. Aging
  14. Birth
  15. Streamers
  16. Party Hats
  17. Snacks
  18. Confetti
  19. Ribbons
  20. Candles
  21. Plastic Tablecloths
  22. Banners
  23. Chocolate
  24. Ice Cream
  25. Clown
  26. Cupcake
  27. Entertain
  28. Festive
  29. Friends
  30. Happy
  31. Guests
  32. Family
  33. Lollipops
  34. Noise Makers
  35. Paper Plates
  36. Pinata
  37. Sweets
  38. Wishes
  39. Thank You's
  40. Another Year
  41. Smiles
  42. Memories
  43. Pictures
  44. Cameras
  45. Laughter
  46. Fun
  47. Too Much Sugar
  48. Soda Pop
  49. Excitement
  50. Party Games

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