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Smile Scrap For Hire?

I have been trying to contact various desingers in order to ask for "scrap for hire" or commerical use permission for a new venture I am trying...I have been dabbling in free bloggy designs and wish to go commercial with them.

You can see some of my free designs here--

I made contact with JenLin here at Stone Accents and she has agreed to let me use her kits for my bloggy designs.

I was hoping to get permission from the other designers here at Stone Accents--

I have contacted a couple of you by your blogs or e mail if I could find them. Others I wasn't sure how to reach directly. JenLin suggested i use the forum here, so I'm hoping this works.

Are any of you willing to let me use your designs for my bloggy designs, with proper credit given of course!

Please let me know!! I'm having trouble getting designers to respond to me.

I appreciate your time very much!! I love all of your works!!!
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