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Default Re: How many are moving on?

Originally Posted by Piggyscraps View Post
Sorry guys! We need time to vote. The list will be posted early on Thursday, followed shortly by the round 2 challenge posting.

I apologize for the confusion. Today I only posted the numbers of how many are moving forward. Not the list of those moving on.

Hang in there! You made it tough for us. I still haven't voted, it's very hard to narrow it down.
No worries, that was entirely confusion on my part. I was wondering how all the judges could make such a quick decision with so many entries.

I really like all the suggestions made so far, especially about the overall notes about common mistakes, etc.

I already know one thing for sure, I probably could have made my elements a bit smaller. But I wanted them to be adjustable without losing clarity rather than being stuck with a smaller item...but I'm sure some of them could have been made in a smaller scale.

My packaging was sorta last minute too, need to work on that for the *crosses fingers* Next round, or future endevours.
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