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Default Re: How many are moving on?

Originally Posted by kakleidesigns View Post
OMG, is almost 2AM here in the very South of America, with a winter that refuses to go (that means is still very cold, I already have 6 cups of coffee in 2 hours) and waiting for the results, I think I am also going for a challenge while I wait, I can't go to bed and I have to stop
Good luck everybody, and what the ....??? I haven't been in the gallery for 1 day and suddenly OMG, there are so many kits now and so so gorgeous each one of them..ok, I will shut up now.
I feel like you Karen! This is my first try at being a Designer and it is something I want with all my being! I'm chewing my nails, for crying out loud! Disgusting hey? But, I NEED to be a designer in my own right and I have to start somewhere. If only I can survive round 1, I would have accomplished something, even if it is only to learn about deadlines.

But, I'm currently @ work and need to work but I will hit 'refresh' every now and then ... Good luck to everyone who knows by now how to hit the 'refresh' button ...
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