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Default Re: How many are moving on?

oh Hi Chris....hahaha, how are you doing Hun?
You were in Australia, are you?
well, is 4 AM here, so only 2 more hours, and which challenge I went to put my head on?
in another kit maker one, the member mega, haha, I can't believe I just made another kit, and now I am too exhausted ...but I will wait for the results, then if I make it through I will get some sleep...and I know Chris how this feels, last year I was here, I was so close but it didn't happen and I love this place, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for so many people besides me...they are starting to hurt, hahaha, good luck Hun, I wish you make it through , I wish everybody I know and the ones I don't but I saw their kits make it too, and I wish I make it just keep it positive and don't suffer girls, pretend this is a roller coaster (if you like them, I do) and just enjoy the ride.
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