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From the Piggy Re: NDC 2011: Round 2 "Summer Afternoon"

Hi Anita, no worries! I need two pots of coffee to get me going...

I left it a little vague so people could make it more their own. But what I mean is:
  • At least 20 elements, including the cluster (so maybe 19 + 1 would be better?)
  • You may have more, it is not required
  • They do not need to be unique
  • You can use a button, a flower and then layer that button & flower for a 3rd element.
  • You may recolor 1 button, 6 different times & that can be part of your 20 (but I wouldn't recommend that)
A little better?

Originally Posted by anita_d View Post
Toiny: I have a question ...

Create exactly 6 papers, either jpg or png Create 20 elements
  • Include at least 1 cluster
  • The cluster does not have to be unique
can we create more than 20 elements ?
if not, is the cluster #21 or one of the 20
assuming the 20 are to be unique like in challenge 1, true?
sorry to be kinda dense this morning

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