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Default Re: NDC 2011: Round 2 "Summer Afternoon"

Liz off course you can and tailz, I didn't think of that, sorry Toiny...but they are just colors that I take out from very known images of the web, not that I blended and created colors. But I did that in my own palette, I took colors from 4 different images, all from seasides in my country from last summer, at the beginning I had like 20 colors and didn't want to get rid of any of them, you know you get so paranoid , I know I do, and then I started taking out until I had 9 pastels which was what I wanted, I wanted pale pastels and a very shiny green in mine, so I guess I finally made it, but if you ask me, Summer is not my favorite season to design about, I love the green, the foliage,the flowers (I am a huge fan of creating flowers, love, love flowers) but I adore grays, and teals, pale colors or golds and browns from autumn, when I design in strong colors, I am out of my comfort zone, and is very scary.
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