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A little something else I wanted to point out. Since I lost more than half of my stuff when we moved and my box of important papers was among the loss I STRONGLY SUGGEST scanning all of your important paperwork. Not only does it cut down on tons of papers but it can help save your sanity if the originals get lost. Anything from bills, to contracts, divorce papers, kids birth certificates, EVERYTHING, scan it and put it on cd's or dvds. If you do your car insurance online and some other items like bank statements, you can save them to a pdf file and burn that as well. Break the paperwork up into months or quarters so it's easier to find if you need to refer to it later. Most of the actual papers you can then throw out except for items with a seal or whatever like bonds, birth certificates etc but at least God Forbid you loose the originals (fire, flood, moving etc) you have a copy that you can use until you get replacements.

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