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Tracy, thank you so much. I think I figured out why so many are afraid of spiders - they may jump at us or swing down on a thread and startle us.

I had one the other night that was on the ceiling and threw some slippers at him finally I headed toward him and he walked to the edge of the ceiling and wall. I jumped at him with a slipper and missed and fell, getting bruised. Then I finally got him down and he was a runner, but I finally tracked him down. Big game hunter me.

I have had trouble being kind to them ever since one of my DDs was bitten at night and the teacher called that day about noon that my DD had a red streak running up her arm. We took her to the pediatrician and he sent us to the children's hospital where she had to spend overnight with an iv. So since I have no idea what kind, I have spider spray and handy shoes. I intend to get an electronic bug chaser.

Stand for something.
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