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Fortunately we don't have any dangerous or poisonous spiders around here - we do get those hairy brown or black hunting spiders but they don't get bigger than my palm.

I used to be scared of spiders and would run and scream at the sight of them - until my daughter was growing up and I did overcome my fear so she wouldn't learn it from me. So instead of calling my husband or squashing them (with his shoes, they're bigger than mine, LOL) I started catching them and looking at them in a jar together with our daughter. I can remember the first time... I was close to throwing up while I pointed out what an interesting animal that was "look at his many eyes and do you see.. he has 8 legs... Ugh! Today I'm pretty much indifferent if it's a spider or a beetle or whatever else ended up in our house.

When we were in FL for vacation this spring we ended up having a snake in the living room - now that was an adventure, LOL


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