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Default Re: Hybrid Artist | Week 1 Challenge | Hybrid Layout

Okay so I got mine done, just wish I didn't have a new scanner and software that I'm still figuring out, so it is a little askew which doesn't make me the happiest but oh well.

We are homeschooling my girls this year and we are using a program called Five In A Row and I decided to use Angel Hartline's Bookworm kit to make something that I hope will be a memory for each book or a way to announce to the kids what the next book will be. We will see which works out for me and the time factor.


I cut a bunch of the digital elements out and tried to fussy cut around them, mounting them on the page. The bookshelf and the worms are to create almost a pocket to put the picture in of my girls so I can (hopefully) change it for each new book. I tried to make my title of the book look like the moon but not sure how well I pulled that off. :\ Oh and I know you might not be able to tell but the tag line says learning on it.

I had fun and that's the part that counts. Although I did learn that I need a few more physical supplies to do exactly what I wanted. An excuse to go shopping, even if it is only online.
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