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From the Piggy The Challenge: Jen C Designs

Jen & Christine, are you ready? I'm very, very ready.

Yesterday was 9.11.11 Ten years since the Twin Towers. I think a lot of us, American and non-American alike were caught up in our thoughts, remembering. I know, for me, a fierce pride came up. A pride of country, and I'm not even American.

This got me thinking of the pride I have in being Dutch, and how incredibly excited I am to be going 'home' later this week. And also, as I'm putting together German gifts for my cousins and Oma, how much pride I have in my newest country as well.

I know that Jen just moved a whole ocean away to a new country. I know Christine has also left the land of her birth, half a planet away, for a new country. Today's challenge is to put all your love of country into a kit. This can be the "old" or the "new" but when I look at that preview, I want to feel the love.

There will be no palette, this is up to each of you to create. The theme of your challenge: Love of Country.

The Rules
  • You must use the theme.
  • Name your kit.
  • 8-12 papers
  • 20-40 elements.
  • You may use your CU stash.
  • There is also $20 waiting for each of you to spend in our CU store. You may spend all, or none, on CU products to help in the creation of this kit.
  • Please credit the CU designers in your TOU.
  • You must post the previews here, in the forum, no later than midnight, EST on Saturday, September 17th.
  • Please upload to your FTP and email me the file names. I will share with the judges.
Your judges this month will be Me, Tracy {Ambowife Designs} and Mystery Judge. You will be judged on how well you fullfill the criteria, how well you create the palette, the scrapability of your kit, as well as the visual impact of your preview.

Have fun and good luck!

my email
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