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Default Re: NDC Round 2 Chatter

Originally Posted by kakleidesigns View Post
lol me also, and it isn't funny at all, but I am still laughing at myself because I come time to time here to expect a different result, which I do know it won't happen , I mean nothing will happen until the 15, and I still come here looking for a miracle, an early post, something...I am the worst anxious person in the world.
I'll second that last statement of yours Karen! I can work under pressure ... in fact, that is when I do my best work. But then again ... don't tell me to wait for the results!! Ughh! It's as if everything else that should matter becomes less important, or less interesting (if you know what I mean?) just because I'm waiting for the results. I'm gonna force myself to log out now and keep my mind on my work! Otherwise I'll get fired. I'll join you all again at tea-time for a few minutes ... I love reading all your chattering.
Have a nice day, Christine
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