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I am not a neat freak just someone who had no room in her linen closet! LOL
I wish I WAS a neat freak. I admire anyone that can keep their house clean with kids running around. Who am I kidding...I couldn't even keep it clean when I didn't have kids. LOL! I remind myself of Pigpen off Charlie Brown. Clutter just seems to resonate from my pores. I've gotten much better, but I have to REALLY work at it. One thing I've had success with is the 15 minute routine. I work on whatever I want for 45 minutes (designing, being with the kids, watching T.V.) and then I clean for 15 minutes. If something is going to take more than 45 minutes, I add 15 minutes to the cleaning afterwards. It really does work for me and doesn't make things as daunting. And I found that I actually clean faster.

I'm currently in the process of getting rid of clothes. I'm a clothes packrat. I always tell myself that I will fit back into things one day. I actually did get back to my high school weight 4 years after James was born, but then got pregnant again that same week. I figure if I have to wait around another 4 years to get back to that weight again that those clothes will be WAY out of style by then. So I keep telling myself that it will feel so much better not to have so many loads of clothes that are unwashed or to have a more organized closet.
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