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Default Re: The Challenge: Jen C Designs

Okay, I'll go first (I have butterflies in my tummy!!!!)....

Firstly, a bit about why I did what I did . I chose Australia as my theme and thought long and hard about a concept. In the end I chose 'Home Is Where The Heart Is', but I couldn't decide on whether to use our flag colors or the very popular 'green & gold', so I incorporated both! My family & I are extremely passionate supporters of our fellow country men & women when it comes to sports - of any kind, both at a national and international level. Just a few mornings ago I found myself jumping around like a crazy woman, with tears in my eyes, after watching Sam Stosur win the US Open Tennis Tournament! That said it all, really !!! I love every inch of this country, and I love to support the people who do us proud. I also love big, bright, bold colors, so I wanted to stay true to that as well Here is what I came up with...

*Eeeeek* I just sat here for 5 minutes daring myself to hit the send button !!!!!

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