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I'd like to see a thread like that, though I don't know if it would do me any good. When we first got married, my excuse was that I worked 50+ hours a week and who wanted to spend that little bit of free time cleaning? Then, I had a baby and, well, that was a great excuse. I was getting nervous, though, when she was 6 and I didn't have a new excuse. Luckily, my son showed up just in time! <g> Homeschooling both of them at such different ages at least gave me an excuse for lots of clutter (which covered up lack of cleaning!) but now they're both done with school. I was beginning to panic until I picked up a couple of CT positions -- especially the one here, I can stay busy all day every day!!

Bottom line....I hate cleaning almost as much as I hate winter! Almost *anything* is a good excuse to avoid it. Every once in a while, when (I must be in someone else's body) I look around and decide I can't stand it, I go on a cleaning rampage.....clean all day....that's enough to make me feel good for a month or so. DH has finally figured out to not mention it. He's sneaky, though. He'll hide something he *knows* I need -- like my rotary cutter for quilting or my memory card for my camera, or my memory stick that has all my scrap supplies on it -- under a pile of something I'm not likely to look at until I actually CLEAN THE HOUSE! That'll usually get me going -- at least until I find the "lost" object.

Maybe I'll try the fifteen minute thing, though every hour seems a little excessive. ;-) Every 3 hours or so might work....

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