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From the Piggy The Winner: Jen C Designs

I thought MDI was tough. Boy was I wrong! The agonizing that went on behind-the-scenes, both here and in Australia, was huge. This decision was really down to a pixel, as Tracy put it. Both these ladies brought their A game something fierce.

First, a quick introduction of your judges:

Guest Judge: David Westberry

My amazing husband David, as well as my frequent partner behind the scenes and my own, personal computer guru. Dave’s day job is in the military, at night he’s husband, father and knight-in-shining armour.

Dave has a keen eye for design, especially color. He’s fantabulous at picking out fabrics for quilts, clothes and palette’s. Besides helping out at theStudio, he also helps in our tshirt printing business.

Studio Judge: Tracy

I am Tracy and I am head of the Creative Team and Quality Control here at the studio. I am married to Michael, a paramedic and we have one adult son who is out of the nest. I have been designing for over 3 years, and love it and Scrapping. I started digiscrapping when we moved to Sydney Australia and didn’t have the room to paper scrap anymore. We live a quiet life as we have no family close-by but my friends at the Studio are a real life line and I consider them part of my family too. Scrapping and Design have
become such a huge part of my life that I can’t really imagine them never being part of my daily routine.
I also enjoy photography, reading, music and cycling (occassionally LOL)

Studio Judge: Toiny Westberry

I am the owner of Digital Scrapbooking Studio, I have an amazing husband David, five boys as well as one daughter. I design, occasionally, as Piggy Scraps Design. My number one everything is my family. I love my kids, I love my husband, I love my parents, sisters, grandparents, all who remain.
I started scrapbooking, journaling, with my first born. I love having a place to go to get help with chronicling my journaling in both photo's and words. I create for me. Sometimes that translates into a scrapbooking kit that others can create with as well.
I run theStudio not just to sell scrapbooking supplies but also to give everyone a place to share their memories, their families. To help people chronicle their own journeys and stories. It is home-away-from-home.

We will start with our Studio Designer: Digilicious Designs. Here is what the judges have to say:


I like that both ladies did a great job representing their countries. I really like the spirit that shines from Christine’s kit. The contrast in this kit, of the green & gold and then the red, white & blue, made for some good scrapping options. In the end, for me this came down to scrapability and Christine’s kit was ready-to-go right ‘out of the box’.


I just adored the boxing Kangaroo and all the sporty elements too. The kit is a little more aimed at sporty pages than just general pages, but still super Aussie. I love that you were torn between the two palettes and decided to go with both, the mix means we can scrap with it whether we are for the flag colors or the popular Green n Gold.


Honestly, I was a little confused by the mix of colors. However, it made sense and turned out to be surprisingly scrapable when I opened it up. The colors make for wonderful, happy, pages. To me, this just shouts Aussie. Um, that might have something to do with the “Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Word art. I am a huge fan of realistic elements, but they need to be done right. The paper-rolled flowers, and I love that they were all different cuts, were crisp, clear, with wonderful depth and shadows. Actually, all the elements were fantastic quality and I appreciated having such a wide mix, from bookplates, to ribbons, to stars, to tapes, to that adorable kangaroo. This was a very, very scrapable kit that lends itself well to sport, Aussie and many other LO’s.

Now, on to Jen C. Designs entry:


This kit the muted tones gave an older, homier feel, which having been to the country seemed to fit my memories… and the rainy weather, with a hot cup of tea. I wasn’t excited to cut out the word strips, or numbers, but it gave me ideas as far as scrapping my ride on the “underground”. Not to be picky, but where’s the famous London taxi? And Big Ben? I love this kit and want more!


I couldn’t split you on the criteria, but found that JenC had a few more Britain specific papers and an all-around kit that can be scrapped with anything British. All the elements were fabulous, especially the phone booth, the teapot and the bus and letterbox, so very British!! And the use of the Union Jack on the papers worked for me too.
The word bits were a thoughtful addition as well as the alpha, though I would have liked to have seen them split into their own files. Other than that a fabulous usable kit that would go with anything remotely British Wonderful design Jen.


I loved the contrasting patterns on the muted papers, plus Jen has a nice mix of solids as well. The elements were super fun to play with, I especially love the cut-out of the UK draped in the Union Jack. Perfect. My favourite though is the phone booth, or maybe the tea-cup? Both fantastic representations of the UK. Jen, you did your new home proud.
I was however, a little disappointed that the swirl was so small. I reached for it immediately and wanted bigger. I also missed fastners, and I have to echo both Dave & Tracy that I really wanted the alpha & wordstrip in separated files. Bottomline, the positives far outweigh the negatives and this kit rocks!

This was again an extremely difficult challenge to judge, and caused quite a commotin in my house. Dave and I each picked a different kit, and then, of course, the kids got involved picking their favourite. Let’s just say it was split very evenly with the girls sticking together. Now, without further ado, can we have a huge round of applause for the winner of this very well-fought Challenge? Jen – Jen C. Designs.

Jen will be our Guest Designer for the whole month of October. As winner of this super fun, challenging, competition she receives 100% commission on all her sales. Including her brand-new mini: Home is Where the Heart is.

Please look for our newsletter tomorrow, Thursday, to receive some fun freebies created with both mini’s! Again a big thank you to our judges, David, my lovely husband, Tracy my right-hand man, and, um, me. An even bigger thank you to both Christine and Jen for creating two amazing kits that really had me scrapping, thinking and happily arguing with my family. Fantastic work! Both of you.

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