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Default Re: NDC 2011 Round 4: Midnight

Originally Posted by Piggyscraps View Post
There are only five, very important rules this round:
  1. You must have an Alpha (this counts as 1 element).
  2. Use the theme.
  3. This must be a brand NEW kit.
  4. This must be in the gallery, with download links, by 23:59PM September 26.
  5. Maximum size may not exceed 14 papers, 40 elements.
Other than that... well... it's a free-for-all. Have fun & be you!
ok so here are my questions,
is it a full alpha? by that i mean upper and lowercase? my normal alphas are just lowercase.
by brand NEW kit i'm assuming you mean a kit that has not been released before,
what is the minimum size?
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