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Default Resizing your images for Gallery Upload

Hi guys! I've had several people ask me how to resize their images to upload to the gallery, so I've decided to do a little tutorial for everyone, hope this helps

This is for Photoshop or Photoshop Elements:

  • Open up your full size PSD or JPEG image
  • Go to File>Save For Web

  • A pop up box will appear saying your image is bigger than what Save For Web is for, just click Yes

  • The Save For Web screen will come up next
  • Make sure you select JPEG, change the quality to around 55-60 to keep under the 150Kb size limit, and then change the size at the bottom to 600X600
  • If using PS, hit ENTER to change the size - if using PSE, the size will change automatically when you change it to 600
  • Check to make sure that the size is 150Kb or below (under the preview image) If all is well, click on SAVE

And that's it! Happy resizing!!
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