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Default Re: Free CU Spider

WOW! This is one "honkin' " BIG spider. I'd be freaking out so bad that I'd probably would be in the next state over in about 5 seconds. Oooooo, these give me the willies. Thanks for taking the pic, though. You have more nerve than me!! Great job on the extraction too. Thanks for sharing!!
PS--My cat is my bug patrol. I get spideys in the basement where my 'puter is and I'm half afraid to leave my feet on the floor. I've probably inhaled more bug spray than the spiders LOL! (hmmmmm, maybe that's my problem?!?!) My cat ususally sees them first and she's off and running--then----she EATS them!!! I have the heebee jeebies for the next 10 min. just thinking about it. YUCK!
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