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Default Re: NDC 2011 Round 4: Midnight

Rose -
I am not as fast as you think on this I had previously mentioned I had started this kit several days before the contest subject was announce - I did it for me - truly - it's a color combo I love - my bedroom is done in these colors. And because this is the color combo I would have chosen for "midnight" - I went with it.

Also - I use a lot of styles, actions, brushes, etc. It's just how I design. I have just learned the art of extraction - the word scared me silly about 6 months ago.

At the same time - I could never create what you do. Everybody has a different perspective, and therefore, creates something different - even with the same theme and color palette (not that we were given a color palette this time...)

I am sure you will have something wonderful in the gallery by the deadline!

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