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Default Re: NDC 2011 Round 4: Midnight

Originally Posted by Vickilyn View Post
I would just like to say that I think my kit is lonely in the gallery all by itself.....LOL
I think you did great...but I'm not a judge, ...just an old scrapper highly opinionated.

Originally Posted by ktanker View Post
It's really good. Mine was on a roll yesterday but then I saved as a flattened image by mistake and everything is uneditable now, lol... DO OVER... Yesterday was just ummm, practice?
Send to me.... I'm here for you.S

Originally Posted by ladyofthethorns View Post
Same exact thing is happening with me (happened in round 3 too... some may remember I posted about my colors 'changing') but yesterday, cutting severely into my design time, I did a rather exhaustive search and test on all the options for changing the color profiles, embedding or not, and saving. I finally found a process that keeps the files 'clean' after saving. I will work on putting together for you now (with screenshots) but I wanted to post this first to let you know it was coming.
Super- you nailed this and how wonderful you are sharing!

I make my rounds in digi land. I am thrilled you shared this.
You are super.

pse-3,4,5,6, 8 , 9, 10....CS5...and PSP x3
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