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Default Re: Hello from a Kiwi living in Australia

I am using PSE 7. Brought it from a real store when it was the latest with the intention of playing with my photos a bit and venturing into digi scrapping. Have been paper scrapping - often with old photos that have resided in shoe boxes (I have negatives seperately) and would prefer to muck around and play with them and get them in an album and being looked at, than sitting in a shoe box (I know they say don't use your originals) However we have been taking digital photos since 2002 so this is logical really. I joked with hubby that it would be when our household stuff was packed to move again that digi might take hold of me (but I have access to both right now, and I have finally just started playing with digi) Silly to be scared of it really - I cover up oopsies on paper so why not play knowing I have an 'undo' button.

Thanks for the encouragement

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