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Default How to clean a leather couch

We got an Italian leather couch a few years ago. I really like it except for one thing: it's cream colored. Normally, that wouldn't be a problem since it goes with just about any decor. But with 2 kids and a puppy, it doesn't stay clean very long. Dirt and grime gets into the small grooves in the leather and discolors it. After a couple of years of trying everything in the book to clean it, I finally discovered a solution.

I tried a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser found at the grocery store. I used to use it on our walls when my son was going through the stage where he drew pictures with crayons there. I took a bowl of water and mild dish detergent and some paper towels. I put the Eraser in the mixture, wrung out the water, and lightly went over the couch. Then I wiped up the excess water and dirt with a towel. It was amazing what the difference was. (Always test a small patch somewhere on the couch that is unnoticeable before trying to clean it like this. Some leathers may react differently than others.)
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