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Default Re: Hybrid Artist | Week 4 Challenge | Home Décor

Well if I made it in time, I was probably just under the wire (please let me have been in time!!!!). This week was hard just due to the things going on with the kids this week so I almost just threw in the bag at even trying but with my husbands encouragement, I was cutting right up until the end tonight.

I decided to make a calendar that can be on the side of my fridge for my girls to change the date on each day. I didn't want to make it too easy so I'm actually just going to leave the other pumpkins spread all over for them to have to chose how to make the date correct for each day. I'm homeschooling my oldest and therefore my middle one as she doesn't want to be left out.

So I used a sheet protector and some old magnetic strips (oops forgot to list those in the physical supplies) from my Mommy calendar's to hold the sheet protector up and then I have magnets on the back of the pumpkins for them to then place over the month page each day. Probably what I will try to do is laminate these to help keep them from getting wet and dirty from little hands, but just didn't have enough time prior to taking the photo to upload tonight. Tomorrow's only the first right? A project for during naptime and the girls will be set then.

I had so many other ideas this week... just ran out of time. Oh well. It was fun.

btw Angel, can I ask, what are the requirements if we do get selected?

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