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Default Re: October 2011 Recipe Card Challenge

I really understand what you are going through. About two years ago I lost my computer. Thankfully I had everything backed up. My husband says I back up way too much, but I was so glad I did. He bought me a lap top. I just did not have the heart to tell him that I liked the lap top, but really missed my desk top. In Sept. he decided that he needed a new lap top for his work. He said he wanted one just like the one he got me. I convinced him that I would "reluctantly" let him have mine, as we really did not need two lap tops. I said I would get a new desk top and go through all of the set up so that he would not have to. I spent all last month getting everything just the way I want it. I must say, I love my new computer. Just please don't anyone tell my husband.