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Default Re: October 2011 Recipe Card Challenge

I almost lost everything on my computer and all the hard drives 2 days ago. McAfee had just said they took out a trojan so I went to run another securtiy program and it had showed two more and as I was running it everything went black. So I called Dell support and they took over my computer and while running at their end some think caused the person to have to do to another computer to get back onto mine. Anyway, had I waited I would have been wiped clean. He said I can go to any site and it will start downloading a virus even if I try to back out. He said to close a site with the red x and not the ok or close button. Anyway he helped me get back all the data and re install the programs. All the back up drives were cleaned out and he told me to un plug the back up hard drives so I would at least have a back up. I had left them plugged in all the time. He recovered all my data so I was lucky and it only took about 3 hours to fix. I thought with Mcfee I would be safe. Not so. So I understand the problems with someone taking everything from the computer. I also worry what they want with my information they take. Any way I am sorry you lost your computer.