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Originally Posted by michellemarie View Post
I have such a problem with spiders that I can't even use this in a layout let alone any kit I do. I'm probably gonna feel creepy crawly all day just cause I looked at it!! (totally my fault cause your thread is clearly titled haha

But seriously ew and you're amazing, Tracy to photograph it before smashing... lol
Michelle, me too! I saw the title and didn't open for the longest time, but I thought, maybe a cute cartoon spider. David sent me one when he was out of town as a "see, they can be non-scary" and I thought I might do a page with his "gift." The hair on the back of my neck is still standing up.

Tracy you're WAY braver than I'd ever be. I'd still be shivering a month later about the spider in the house I used to live in!
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