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Default COSTCO Crazy Tracy

Okay so we got Costco here recently and I finally drove over, about 35 minutes away from home, and I joined up. Well you should have seen my eyes popping out of my head at some of the stuff they sell and the sizes of it.
I spent heaps, nearly $400 but I bet I saved heaps too. I clean for my work so I bought a lot of cleaning stuff. I'm off to the regular shop to work out how much I saved now LOL

Oh And I bought some os those American Peanut Butter Cups OMG I don't even eat Peanut Butter but these little babies were soooo yummy. I have a great big container of them because they only sold them in big packs. But I bet they won't last long rofl.

Just thought I'd share I Costco

though, I didn't see any software but maybe I missed it in all the excitement of the shopping high hee hee
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