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Default Halloween Progressive Slow Scrap

I am Sooooo sorry I'm late! I woke up and thought it was Thursday, but a phone call this afternoon reminded me I was a day off!

Welcome to our extra-special Halloween Weekend Progressive/Slow Scrap. Here's the deal. Throughout the weekend I will be popping in to this thread and giving additional steps. I will pop in once or twice a day Friday, Saturday and Sunday to provide you with additional instruction. After you complete each step, please save your layout and upload it to our gallery here so we can all see how you've interpreted the instructions. The last steps will be posted sometime on Sunday afternoon or evening. Your final layout is due by the end of the day on 10/31. Please make sure to post your final layout in the gallery and in the thread here so we can see what you've created with the instructions!

Throughout the weekend you may find a TREAT or a TRICK as we continue building our layouts! So beware!

Participation Prizes:

* Every participant will receive a brag book set featuring # pages all using a variety of my kits.
* Any participant that uses a kit by a current Studio designer will also receive a coupon good for $1 off a purchase of $3 or more in Nibbles Skribbles store (collabs excluded)
* Any participant that uses a kit by Nibbles Skribbles will receive a coupon good for 50% off of your next Nibbles Skribbles purchase!

I will also randomly select one participant on November 1 to win the November Studio Mega (which is gorgeous!)

I am going to post both of Friday's steps now since I'm so late!

Friday - Steps Part 1:
- Select 1 photo
- Select 2 background papers and layer them onto your page.
- Place the photo off-center on the page, slightly crooked (not straight to the edges of the page)

Friday - Steps Part 2:
- Find 3 ribbons or paper strips
- 2 fasteners
- 6 clustering elements (flowers, stars, leaves, etc. no repeats, 6 unique elements)

Saturday - Steps Part 3:

I have sent a PM to all of you who posted part 1 and 2 with a little TREAT! It will come in handy for this step! If you are just joining us, just follow the steps - sorry you missed the treat! (Please note that just the use of this treat does not qualify you for the extra prizes for using Nibbles Skribbles stuffs!)

Find a tag or 'journaling' element and add it to your page. It must be attached with one of the two fasteners you selected above. You may rearrange as needed to make this work. Place the date or journaling on the tag.

Add these all of these elements to your page with some under the photo and some on top of it. At least 4 of the items need to be clustered together (ie: touching) and the ribbons do not count as part of these 4 items.

Saturday: Step 4:

Are we ready for a TRICK? If not, too bad! I would like you to REMOVE 3 items from your layout. Only minor adjustments to your page allowed after removing the items! You may not remove the background paper, photo or tag - anything else is fair game!

Sunday: Step 5:

Let's get a title on our pages. You may use fonts or an alpha to create your title, but at least part of the title must be touching something else on your page other than the background. It could be the photo, clustered with your elements, etc.

Sunday: Step 6 (Final Step):

Add any finishing touches to your layout (shadows, additional journaling, etc.) I would also like you to find one more element and add it to your title. You could replace a letter with an element, use a fastener to hold something down, tuck a flower or butterfly or star in may add more than 1 element to your title, but I am just requiring one!

Thanks for looking! Follow me for the latest on Nibbles Skribbles:

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