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From the Piggy Re: Roster of Speed Scraps & General Info

A speed scrap means your host will give you 1 set of instructions every 10 minutes. You get 6 sets of instruction. Usually you have an hour after the speed scrap ends to post your LO. However, with a Scrap-A-Thon we give you a lot longer! You will have until Noon EST to post your LO's.

You may use any kit, or the mini(s) that will be handed out in chat. However, if you are posting your LO in the Scrap-A-Thon gallery, and working to earn that free November Mega, please use 75% Studio products.

Here are directions from an old Speed Scrap Amber, Ruby Lane Designs, did back in April:
Here are the instructions for our Speed Scrap chat!

1. Choose 4 photos and 3 papers

2. Choose your background paper and cluster 3 of the photos in the top left corner

3. Angle 4th photo in bottom right corner, making sure this is the largest of your photos

4. With the other 2 papers create 2 circles, one about as large as your bottom right photo and the other about half of that. Place the large circle 1/2 way peeking from behind the bottom right photo, place the smaller circle behind the large circle in the same manner

5. Create a cluster around the bottom photo and a similiar cluster around the top cluster of 3 photos going behind and inbetween on top etc.

6. Place 1 string or 1 ribbon behind bottom photo on top of circles and a bit of bling behind that.

7. Title your LO with a combo of an alpha and a font!

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