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Default Re: 25 days of Christmas (freebies)

I totally agree with GoodGram. I absolutely loathe Facebook, and I won't even go near Twitter (what a foolish thing that is!). Besides the rampant identity theft going on at Facebook, the site tends to lock up my computer. I wait and wait and wait, yet few links come up the way they are supposed to. I think the virus protection program I use doesn't agree with Facebook.

Also, the navigation system at Facebook isn't very intuitive either. I have to search every time I want to send messages, download exclusives, add or edit my photo albums, etc. Oh, yes, I almost forgot ... way too much sleazy advertising at Facebook!!!!

I am so sorry you decided to use Facebook for your lovely Advent gifts this year. I follow you on Blogger so easily, and I love that you use for most of your freebies. Well, like the Rolling Stones sing, "You can't always get what you want."
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