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Default Feb/March Mix N Match (Feb 15 - March 14)

Sorry for the late start! This month we have a gorgeous posting bonus from Lisa West again. I'm going to add a twist for some variety, and since the next holiday is St Patrick's Day, you're LO must include something green. Here's the rest of the rules -

-No more than two different pieces from the same kit. You can use one piece many times (like a brush or button). Store mega kits with multiple designers still count as one kit, because the pieces are all designed to go together. Templates count as one item, even though they do sort of contain multiple elements.

-No more than two kits from the same designer - Mega kits count as a separate designer - you could still use pieces from two kits by someone and a piece from a mega kit they were a part of

-Two designers must by SAS-y designers

-At least 1 piece must be something purchased from the SAS-y boutique

Post your layouts in the Mix N Match Gallery here.

Here's the preview of the bonus by Lisa.
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