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Default Re: Do you SMASH?

Oh my Angel! How awesome! I think this style of journaling will be hard for me, my journals are all neatly in notebooks - handwritten or typed and pasted in in chronological order. Very little creativity involved....besides the occasional doodle! I'm excited to try something new, and will likely continue my normal journaling as well

But, after flipping through pages on Pinterest of Smash Book stuff, I was inspired to make one of my honeymoon (so I can get the HUGE box of memorabilia out of the closet) but the actual Smash albums were too small for a lot of what I have....I just got home from Michael's where I purchased a fun artist notebook, thanks to your post, and picked up a few additional supplies and pulled the box out of the closet. Now if the baby would nap so I could get started I'd be a happy gal!

Thanks for looking! Find more Nibbles Skribbles:

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