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Default Re: Do you SMASH?

Oh, I'm excited for you Manda! I think a honeymoon book is a perfect way to explore this type of journaling! Combining your pics with memorabilia and journaling will be fabulous and so fun to look at again and again. To me it's a lot more personal than just "scrapping" ... I guess because I allow myself so much more freedom in form and composition.

It's a process that for me has evolved over the years. If I get the chance I'll snap a couple pics for you of pages in the next few days. Some pages are obviously too personal, but often times I also write/paste in bits from magazines, song lyrics, etc.

My process now is to put in whatever strikes my fancy on any page. I add to pages as I go along. So for example I write song lyrics on a page and some time later I might add a picture from a photography magazine I'm reading. Some pages may never get "finished" and some get completely filled. A perfect activity to do while watching some fave movies!
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